Anti-theft & fit for luggage handles

Two wings can be buckled in front or backward for different purposes.

1:Hide zipper ends in closed wings for security.Anti-theft buckle on shoulder straps.Anti-theft pocket on the back.Both Zippers ( main body and Laptop Pocket) can be hidden underneath the butterfly wings, no matter they are buckled forwards or backwards.When you are working in public space (eg.Co-Working-Space or Cafe), you can lock the bag with Table-leg.

2:Buckle two wings backwards to fix the bag on luggage handles.


Intimate hidden design:

Side pockets on the top, two wings, and shoulder straps.TSA approved hidden pockets on the wings, the shoulder straps, and the back allows you to discreetly safeguard all your valuable items and documents.

A hidden magnet for earphones:  A magnetic pocket on the strap holds your headphones while you interact with those around you. There's also a strap for glasses.

Additional nylon pockets are included for your portable power bank that attaches to the external USB, so you can stay connected to what really matters in your day.

A six-inch top pocket to give you quick access and storage for your frequently used items.


The main body of the backpack opens 180 degrees like a suitcase. Inside there are two more inner zipper compartments to hold your chargers, makeup, hard drives, and accessories, along with an iPad or notebook sleeve. The main body of the bag also serves as a storage compartment for your extended travels. X liters of space gives you the freedom to pack up for your weekend adventures or make your week’s workplace something breathtaking. 

Elastic band inside for water bottle, umbrella...